"How 'bout you ask someone who cares?"
—Mina when confronted about her attitude.
Mina Wainwright is a character in Thirlcrest Academy and is the Varsity Co-Captain of Cheerleading. She is played by josiemelis.

Character Overview

Mina Wainwright (born Mina Wen) is a sixteen-year-old student attending Thirlcrest Academy. She's most known for being the Co-Captain of the Cheerleading Team.

Mina's build is quite thin, and she has a fairly tall stature, standing at 5'9 and weighing in at about 134 lbs. Despite her lean figure, she has relatively muscular arms and legs. Her face is an oval shape, and she has squinty, almond-shaped green eyes due to her Chinese-American background.

On a normal day, Mina can be seen sporting a grey hoodie with her special black cheer vest atop it, with the matching black skirt, blue and white high knee socks, and blue vans. While traveling in town, she wears an assortment of outfits; she never truly sticks to one piece as she always likes to show off what she wears. However she's most frequently seen wearing a green buttoned set with a camisole and skirt.

Character Background

Mina is from Compton, California. She has a very prominent accent from living there early on in her life. She can't help but use slang words when speaking. Mina is quite short-tempered and inherently disrespectful toward people she doesn't know well or that are unimportant to her. She fails to give people the time of day to explain themselves if they've messed up and assumes that everyone wants something from her. She's rarely genuinely angry, but when she is it can be explosive and cause her to act extremely out of proportion.

Mina's early life was full of abuse and both of her birth parents had a strong disdain for her existence. She was later taken by the system and spent most of her life in different orphanages and foster homes until she was adopted at the age of thirteen.

Despite being extremely malicious to most of the people at Thirlcrest Academy, Mina is extremely friendly toward her fellow cheerleaders, most notably her closest friends. She can most often be found hanging around Claire, Milo, Marta, and before her passing, Dejah. If not near her fellow cheer fiends, she's usually around Jackson or annoying Chunks, Brandon or Shaun.


Marta Sandra Conte

Marta Conte is Mina's closest and most sacred friendship at Thirlcrest Academy. Although the two don't spend much time together, they have an extremely tight bond and it'd be hard to drive a wedge between the two. Marta and Mina have been friends for over a year now, and whenever they're together they can be seen doing absolute bull together. Such as the times that they dressed in nurse uniforms and pretended to be nurses.

Claire Quincy

Another one of Mina's favorite people at the Academy would have to be Claire Quincy. Claire and Mina have always been relatively close friends, but they've become even closer since Mina became her right-hand. They share many inside jokes, and can be seen picking on nerds together and attending parties (and other outings) together. If Mina is in a crisis, it's set in stone that she'll consult her friend Claire.

Milo Hathaway

Milo is another one of Mina's favorites. Clear by the fact that they are almost always around each other, annoying someone or just gossiping about others. They often get compared for both having black hair...but really, the two look nothing alike. However, Mina does consider Milo to be her and Claire's lovechild, as they often joke about.

Dejah Morrins

Dejah and Mina, before Dejah's tragic death we're very close, too. Dejah would often ask Mina for dating advice, in which Mina would gladly assist her with. They did not get to talk to often, as Dejah would usually be busy with her dating chronicles, but they could be seen together on multiple occasions just talking in a group with Claire and Milo. Mina also dated Dejah's stepbrother, Skee.

Jackson Lauhoff

Jackson is one of Mina's closest friends. They can be seen hanging out in the town at the playground, or even at school near the cafe. Mina enjoys annoying the Prefect many times a day, often calling him his signature nickname, "Jackie-Chan" as a reference to the fact that he knows karate. Their connection is rumored to be a romantic one, but no-one is sure.

Johnathan Rosso

Johnathan, or "Johnny" as most people call him, is Mina's ex lover. They met about a year ago, and dated for several months before they broke up after Mina's old friend, Gabriella, kissed him. They got back together a few months later, but recently broke up due to the fact that it just wasn't working mutually. Mina attempts to stay on good terms with him.

Skee Johnson

Skee is also another one of Mina's ex-lovers. He is the step-brother of Mina's deceased friend, Dejah Morrins. The two had a budding romance over the summertime, but broke it off after Skee graduated from the Academy. Mina has not seen nor talked to him since Dejah's death and funeral.

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