"I actually got a decent grade the other day in a class that wasn't gym."

Character Description

Josiah is a 17 year old Jamaican student at Thirlcrest Academy, he stands 6'2 being 230lbs, he is very big. He has jet black hair and bright blue eyes, his skin is tanned from his parents genetics. His big size is due to him taking steroids for 2 years as a pervious graduated varsity member told him to use them.


Josiah moved from Jamaica when he was 6, not much is known about him due to him not really having a need to bring up his backstory, He sometimes speaks Patois especially when he is angry. He usually seen walking around the academy idle or relaxing in the varsity clubhouse.

He is currently a senior at Thirlcrest academy and his anger has gotten worse. Due to him having many different types of fights, while he is fighting he uses a specific set of moves that are very effective. His choice of insult is "Weakling" or "Puny Man."


  1. He currently takes steroids to stay one of the biggest on the team
  2. He wrestles and holds the title of "Wrestling State Champion"
  3. Josiah's name is based off of Josiah Trelawny and Arthur Morgan From The Red Dead Redemption Series
  4. Josiah's behaviour is based off of the bully character [1]Luis Luna
  5. He currently works at Waysub
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